Les liens (The bonds)

Artist : Jodi Hollnagel
Country : United-States
Year of creation : 2000


This sculpture symbolizes the bonds between humans, at the physical and emotional level.


Artist : Jodi Hollnagel

Jodi Hollnagel-Jubran graduated from UWM Milwaukee in 1992 with a BFA in Sculpture and a K-12 grade Art teaching certification. She taught for a few years in the public school system then decided to develop her career in Sculpture. After graduating from East Carolina University in 1998 she was fortunate to receive several large-scale figurative bronze commissions.

She and her husband Hanna Jubran own and operate J&H Studio Inc. Their lives are dedicated to art by teaching at East Carolina University, making and exhibiting their art and traveling around the world participating in international sculpture symposiums.

Works of the artist