La croisée des chemins (The Crossroads)

Artist : Roger Laplame and Lucie Dumont
Country : Canada
Year of creation : 2008


Work in tribute to Mister Paul – O Trépanier

The work is sculptural as it is architectural; it is a hymn to what made up Mister Trépanier’s personality, the public person, the socially committed man, the man of vision, impassioned by the arts.

The human that, while searching for balance in his life, makes choices at the crossroads; unique path or parallel roads?


Roger Lapalme
Artist : Roger Laplame and Lucie Dumont

Biography of Roger Lapalme:

Roger possesses a formation in the following disciplines: drawing, architecture, integration of the art in the architecture and a specialization in monumental sculpture. To testify of his art and his subjects, he uses several materials: wood, concrete, stone, aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, black steel, glass, fiberglass, resin and other materials.

At this day, he realized more than 71 monumental sculptures that we find in public places, museums, private and public collections through: Canada, the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc. He participated in more than 40 International symposiums of monumental sculpture and he was the founding president of several associations and groupings of professional artists at the national and international level. He was the founder and the president of a world association which gather more than 25 countries today: The International Association For Monumental Sculpture Events (A.I.E.S.M).

Source : AIESM, International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events

Works of the artist

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