A unique cyclotouristic and cultural experience in Quebec.


Within a framework of sustainable development, it is important that this cultural heritage left by the Monumental Sculptures Symposium be preserved to ensure the continued existence and the enhancement of the monumental works collection located on our territory. Its strategic location on the cycling network makes it easily accessible to the people as well as visitors keen on cycling and culture.


The sculptures dissipated throughout the cycling trails in Haute-Yamaska are mainly the result of the five international Symposium of monumental sculpture that took place from 1997 to 2000 and in 2015. They demonstrate the expertise of over forty artists from 17 different countries worldwide.

International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture

In August 2015, Granby hosted the International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture. This event brought seven artists of international caliber under a huge tent in downtown Granby. Each of them produced a monumental sculpture which was later put on the cycle network in the region. The event was held under the artistic direction of Roger Lapalme, a Granbyen artist of international renown, who coordinated the operations of the four previous Symposim, held in the late 1990. The video gives you an overview of the work done by the seven artists during the last symposium.

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